Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kublacon 2010

KublaCon 2010 is quickly approaching and the need to get some painting done approaches as well. KublaCon for those that don't know is a local Bay Area gaming convention held in Burlingame, CA. The event is held from Friday through Monday which includes many days of Gaming, Painting workshops, as well as a painting competition. This will be my second painting challenge, so I want to definitely make a strong showing. I have two miniatures in mind for this contest so stay tuned for further updates as well as WIPs of my entries.  

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mounted Lord of Chaos

This miniature is one of two Lords in my Warriors of Chaos army that I painted for a painting competition at my LGS. I wish that I had taken more WIP photos of my painting process, but I promise to include more for my next miniature. The main color palette for this particular miniature as well as the rest of my army is dark and muddy, very similar to the painting style of Brom. I'm looking forward to painting the rest of my army, although at the rate that this miniature was painted it won't be until 2011 until it's all finished.